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From:Kc9cdt Date:January 23 2008 2:45pm
Subject:Using Variables in Insert
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Thanks very much for responding to my problem post.
I was hoping I was just missing something in the syntax.

Looks like I made a very big mistake recommending MySql to my Client.
I have hundreds of SQL statements in the code I am converting for them. It is 
C code in IBM DB/2 running on OS/2 right now and I need to get them to 
Windows. It would take forever to do it the way the example shows. I recommended 
MySql because of previous experience with it being good ( and IBM's 
DCConnect high level script language).

I never would have dreamed that a great DB engine like MySql would have so 
poor of implementation in C as this!

Question, I wander how the IBM DCConnect script applications I have written 
do not have this problem? They use ODBC connections. I know the IBM DCConnect 
is written in C (Under my code) and I know it works the 'same way' in DB/2, 
SqlServer AND MySql. I just use a colon in front of the variable name in the SQL 
statement to get it to substitute the real value in when executed (like the 
sample I provided on the post). What do you think about this?

I tried another approach... building the SQL statement string with sprintf, 
still a pain, but may be easier then the 'mysql_stmt_execute'.


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Using Variables in InsertKc9cdt23 Jan
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