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From:Neil Davis Date:January 21 2008 2:55pm
Subject:Re: LOAD DATA FROM MASTER stops unfinished with Query OK
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The test box doesn't have incoming data when he's taking the snapshot. Lock
the production database while taking snapshot and setting up replication or
you will have this problem. I've tried all the methods (snapshot, dump,
hotcopy etc) and the issue is always the same. You can't bootstrap
replication with a live server yet. You need to lock the entire server
during the copy process and make sure you note the correct log position. One
incoming row will break it because the keys get out of sync.




If it worked on your test box, but not in production, what is
different about those 2 boxes?  Common sense says "If it worked on one
box but not another, it's not the software, but a difference between
the 2 boxes."

And you can always file a bug report with MySQL or get a consultant
(through MySQL AB or not) to help you.  This list isn't the entirety
of knowledge out there on MySQL, although it's pretty good.


Same issue, the server chokes on duped data

Re: LOAD DATA FROM MASTER stops unfinished with Query OKNeil Davis21 Jan