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From:Gerhard Lausser Date:January 19 2008 7:18pm
Subject:ANNOUNCE: Nagios Plugin for MySQL performance
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Hi list,

i wrote a plugin for the Nagios monitoring system which allows you to check
some performance related aspects of a MySQL database.
The -m option tells the plugin the desired mode. Possible keywords are:

    slave-lag             (Check 'Seconds behind master')
    slave-io-running      (Check for 'Slave io running: Yes')
    slave-sql-running     (Check for 'Slave sql running: Yes')
    threads-connected     (Check 'Threads connected')
    threadcache-hitrate   (Check 'Thread cache hitrate')
    querycache-hitrate    (Check 'Query cache hitrate')
    keycache-hitrate      (Check 'MyISAM Key cache hitrate')
    bufferpool-hitrate    (Check 'InnoDB Buffer pool hitrate')
    tablecache-hitrate    (Check 'Table cache hitrate')
    table-lock-contention (Check 'Table lock contention')
    temp-disk-tables      (Check 'Percent of temp tables created on disk')
    connection-time       (Check 'Seconds to get a connection')
    slow-queries          (Check 'Slow queries'*)
    qcache-lowmem-prunes  (Check 'Query cache entries pruned because of low
    bufferpool-wait-free  (Check 'InnoDB Buffer pool waits for clean page
    log-waits             (Check 'InnoDB log waits because of a too small
log buffer'*)

check_mysql_perf -m qcache-hitrate
OK - Query Cache Hitrate at 93.93%|qcache_hitrate=93.93%;90:;80:

check_mysql_perf -m qcache-hitrate -w 95: -c 90:
WARNING - Query Cache Hitrate at 93.93%|qcache_hitrate=93.93%;95:;90:

Please take into account that you need also the nagios-plugins package (i
recommend 1.4.11) for a successful build.
The steps are:
- tar zxvf nagios-plugins-1.4.11.tar.gz
- cd nagios-plugins-1.4.11; ./configure; make
- cd ..
- tar zxvf check_mysql-perf-1.1.tar.gz
- cd check_mysql-perf-1.1
- ./configure --with-officialplugins=/absolute/path/to/nagios-plugins-1.4.11
- make

Of course a mysql-dev installation has to be found (or provided with
--with-mysql) either in step 2 or step 6.

You can find more documentation and the download link at
or if you like the german language

Greetings from Munich,

ANNOUNCE: Nagios Plugin for MySQL performanceGerhard Lausser19 Jan