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From:Martijn Tonies Date:January 17 2008 5:15pm
Subject:Re: Sun and mysql
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> Olaf Stein wrote:
> > I am still amazed by the fact that youtube "is worth" 1.5 billion and
> > AB barely 1 billion. Did they sell under price? Or does Google just have
> > to much many to spend/waste?
> >
> > Greetings from the just wondering...
> > Olaf
> MySQL A.B., so far as I know, derives income from training, pubs sales,
> and enterprise support, with expense for salaries,  space leases (at
> least some staff work from home), and  equipment.  The value of such an

Don't forget "licensing MySQL".

> organization is inevitably based on somebody's best guess about future
> revenues. I'm encouraged about the prospects of MySQL when I remember
> that Sun is a major sponsor of open source application software.

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