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From:Barry Newton Date:January 17 2008 5:10pm
Subject:Re: Sun and mysql
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Olaf Stein wrote:
> I am still amazed by the fact that youtube "is worth" 1.5 billion and MySQL
> AB barely 1 billion. Did they sell under price? Or does Google just have way
> to much many to spend/waste?
> Greetings from the just wondering...
> Olaf
MySQL A.B., so far as I know, derives income from training, pubs sales, 
and enterprise support, with expense for salaries,  space leases (at 
least some staff work from home), and  equipment.  The value of such an 
organization is inevitably based on somebody's best guess about future 
revenues. I'm encouraged about the prospects of MySQL when I remember 
that Sun is a major sponsor of open source application software.



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