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From:B. Keith Murphy Date:January 3 2008 6:06pm
Subject:automation question
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So, I have been thinking recently about automation.  This morning I 
listened to a talk by one of the three dbas at Youtube (from the MySQL 
Users Conference last year).  Think about that.  They mentioned 
100,000,000 pageviews in one day (the data was from 2006).  And THREE 
dbas.  Of course this is done by automating anything you can.  This 
isn't the first time I have heard of such ratios of servers/dbas. 

While I don't have the servers or the traffic that they do at Youtube we 
are growing quite nicely and adding db servers on a fairly regular 
basis.  It is time to put some serious thought into automating some 
things.  I was wondering what experience others have had with any 
technologies (I am modestly familier with "expect" and have touched 




B. Keith Murphy

Paragon Consulting Services

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