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From:Charles Jardine Date:January 2 2008 3:03pm
Subject:Inter-version client/server compatibility
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To what extent can MySQL clients interact with servers of different

In particular, if I link an Apache PHP module with the client libraries
for MySQL version 5.0.51, will I be able to use it to connect to a
version 4.1.22 server?

I ask this because I am running a web hosting service, and have a number
of different users using MySQL 4.1 servers via PHP from Apache. I need
to help them to convert their servers to MySQL 5.

If the mixed-version set-up described above is OK, I could conveniently
upgrade them all to the same new PHP module _before_ upgrading the servers

If the mixed-version set-up is not OK, I have a more challenging task.
I have to keep the clients and servers in step.

P.S. I am more familiar with Oracle than with MySQL. I know that an
Oracle 10 client can be used with with servers going back at least to
Oracle 8.

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Inter-version client/server compatibilityCharles Jardine2 Jan
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