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From:Christian Mack Date:April 20 1999 2:49pm
Subject:Re: ERROR 1030
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Jason Gilstrap wrote:
> Hell all,
> When executing this statement:
> select * from alumni;
> from within one of my databases, I receive this error:
> ERROR 1030: Got error 134 from table handler
> Any ideas of what might be causing this or how to fix it?  How do I get to
> my data?  Help!
>  - jason
>    jason@stripped

Hi Jason

From the manual:
13.5.2 How to repair tables

The symptoms of a corrupted table are usually that queries abort unexpectedly and that you
observe errors such as these: 

     `tbl_name.frm' is locked against change 
     Can't find file `tbl_name.ISM' (Errcode: ###) 
     Got error ### from table handler (Error 135 is an exception in this case) 
     Unexpected end of file 
     Record file is crashed 

In these cases, you must repair your tables. isamchk can usually detect and fix most
things that go wrong. 

Please read this chapter yourself. It contains the repair instructions.


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