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From:bruce Date:December 20 2007 8:58pm
Subject:RE: Name-based virtual servers?
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mysql has the ability to set access rights to a given database/tables for
given users.

so it's easy to create a database, and to only allow a given set of users
access to the database. in fact, if you lock it down enough, only the user
with permissions will know the db exists... unless they have access to the
physical filesystem, and then it's a simple matter of examining the dir or
the files.. (assuming myisam)..


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Okay, I've convinced myself that this can't be done.  In the http world,
it can be done only because http/1.1 includes the hostname in the request.
If mysql doesn't do that, there's no way to handle all the cases.

So I'll either have to settle for people remembering their own socket
files, or ...

I would settle for a single shared database in which users could create
databases and drop their own databases but not other users'.  They'll have
to live with namespace collisions.

Is that possible to do with mysql's permissions?


On Thu, 20 Dec 2007 ryan@stripped wrote:

> Hi.  I'd like to set up something like apache's name-based virtual
> hosting.
> I read the docs for mysqlmanager.  It told me how to set it up to run
> multiple instances of mysql on one machine, where each instance had its
> own port number and socket file.
> I'd like to have my users connect to their own servers instead, and not
> have to remember a port number.  Like:
> 	mysql -h -u username -p
> and then they'd be pointed at their appropriate instance.
> Anybody know how I can do that?
> Thanks.
> --Ryan
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