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From:Ed Reed Date:December 13 2007 1:11am
Subject:ODBC 3.51.22 problem - please help
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I've found a glaring problem with the latest ODBC connector. Data types have been changed
and data is no longer being read correctly.
I'm running MySQL 5.1.16 on Netware. My apps are VB6 and VBA using ADO. The following
query produces different data types depending on the version of the ODBC driver.
SELECT ConCat(21000,'-','a') 
In 3.51.19 it is a VarChar and in 3.51.22 it's a VarBinary. Concat is supposed to return a
string. In C a byte array may be fine but in VB a string should be a VarChar.
Is this a bug or is there a server or OBDC setting that can be changed to make sure that
it always returns a VarChar
Thanks for the help

ODBC 3.51.22 problem - please helpEd Reed13 Dec
  • Re: ODBC 3.51.22 problem - please helpJim Winstead13 Dec