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From:David T. Ashley Date:December 4 2007 12:19am
Subject:Re: Maybe a bit OT: MySQL forum recommendation?
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On 12/3/07, Chris Sansom <chris@stripped> wrote:
> My apologies in advance if this is a bit off topic, but...
> On a rather old site we have a dreadful old bulletin board system
> based on Matt Wright's WWWBoard - all horrid text files and ancient
> Perl code. We want to replace that with a decent forum system based
> on MySQL and PHP, but there's no money so it'll have to be a free
> one. We also need to be able to roll it into our existing database by
> adding more tables, rather than adding a separate database.
> Naturally, the easier it is to set up the better. And the real icing
> on the cake would be to find a script for converting between WWWBoard
> and whichever one we choose, though I suspect that might be too much
> to ask. I should be able to roll my own converter script if need be.
> The host we're using has PHP 4.3.10 and MySQL 3.23.56, so that rules
> out some I've found, but these seem promising from a quick look:
> FUD Forum
> miniBB
> phpBB
> PunBB
> SEO-Board
> Simple Machines Forum (SMF)
> Vanilla
> Any recommendations from among these or others?

You might check out vBulletin.  They might waive the license fee if you ask
nicely, or they may also have a policy when it is in support of open-source

Maybe a bit OT: MySQL forum recommendation?Chris Sansom3 Dec
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