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From:Eric Frazier Date:November 24 2007 11:34pm
Subject:RE: Unusual sort
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One thought, it might a good idea to make a trigger/procedure that inserts
the seprate index field, so you can forget about it from here on. 

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Subject: RE: Unusual sort

Hi Jim
it seems that you cannot create an index with a function soyou will need to
establish a separate 12 character column which has all of the URL entries
insertedalphabetically in ascending order (fully padded with www.
prefix)backup your DBALTER TABLE table ADD TwelveCharacterURL CHAR(12),
                  ADD FOREIGN KEY 12CharacterIndex (TwelveCharacterURL);
UPDATE TABLE TABLE set TwelveCharacterURL=(LPAD(OldURLColumn,12,'www.'));
Anyone else?
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Subject: Unusual sort> Date: Fri, 23 Nov 2007 16:29:50 -0700> > I have a
table containing web site host names, most of them having both a >
"" and "" version, that I'd like sorted in the >
following manner:> >>>>>>>>> > Any way to do this? >
> >
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