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From:bruce Date:November 13 2007 2:51pm
Subject:trigger/cron process questions...
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I'm considering a situation where I have a number of child/client servers,
each of which are running local apps that feed into a local mysql db/tbl. In
order to manage the data, I want to copy all the mysql db/tbl data from the
chil/client systems, to a single central/master db.

I do not want to simply have the local apps write directly to the central db
for a number of reasons. The approach I need, is to write local, and then
copy this information from the local mysql, to the central/parent mysql/db
on a separate machine.

I've considered Replication (Master/Slave) but then realized that you can't
have a slave, with multiple masters. In my case, each of the child systems,
would be considered to be Masters, with the central machines being the
slave. So it appears that the mysql replication isn't suitable.

I'm considering simply using cron processes on the child machines, where the
cron app would simply fir on a periodic basis, and write any new data from
the child db to the central system (assuming the network/central machine is
up/running). This kind of process is simple, full proof, and pretty
straightfoward to implement.

In researching, I've come across articles discussing triggers, and I'm
wondering if triggers might prove usefful or this issue.

Is it possible to have a "periodic" trigger, IE a trigger that gets fired
based on time. I could have a cron process that updates a tbl on a periodic
basis, and a trigger on that tbl. When that trigger fires, it could then
update/insert the local data into the remote/central db/tbl.

Thoughts/Comments/Pointers/Etc.. .would be helpful.


trigger/cron process questions...bruce13 Nov