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From:Samuel Vogel Date:November 12 2007 10:09pm
Subject:Processlist full of "Opening tables"
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Hey guys,

I do run MySQL on a high traffic Server with approximately 10k 
databases. Since some time MySQL is has become very sluggish.
When I look at my processlist it shows more than 25 processes (sometimes 
of the same & table) with status "Opening tables". Some processes also 
show "closing tables".
Since I am running I shared hosting environment, I can not examine the 
situation  to such extent, where I could see if table locks are 
involved. But it does not seem to be the case, since it does not appear 
for just some users, but for everybody. Also when I run a simple select 
query it takes more than 2 sec.

I guess MySQL is trying to tell me, that my hard drive is too slow. How 
could I ease this situation ?
My key_buffer is set to 1Gb of my 4Gb system memory. Other values are 
tweaked as well, but I do not think the matter in that case.
Would partitioning the disk as Raid 0 ease the situation?

What other places do I have to look at, to further narrow down the problem?

Processlist full of "Opening tables"Samuel Vogel12 Nov
Re: Processlist full of "Opening tables"Samuel Vogel13 Nov