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From:Chris W Date:October 30 2007 8:55pm
Subject:Group by time range.
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I have the following query...
SELECT CreateDate, count( * )
FROM `userprofile`
GROUP BY CreateDate

It isn't exactly what I want.  Records are added to this table in 2 main
ways.  First people use the web site interface to create records.  In
this case, records are only added by one or 2 people and with a
significant time between record inserts.  The second way is through an
import that reads data from a text file.  In the second case the date on
the records will all be close together with about 60 records added per
second.  What I want to do is find all the groups where the inserts all
happened with in say 10 seconds.   So my group by would be more like......

GROUP BY CreateDate +- 10 SECOND

Is there a way to do this?

Chris W

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