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From:Andrey Dmitriev Date:October 29 2007 7:56pm
Subject:query question
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This is kind of achievable in Oracle in either sqlplus mode, or with the
use of analytical functions. Or in the worst case by writing a function.

But basically I have a few tables
Services, Hosts, service_names

And I can have a query something like 

select as 'Service', as 'Host'
from hosts, services, service_names 
and service_names.servicename_id=services.servicename_id 
order by

Which outputs something like

| SSH                                                 | mt-ns4          
| SSH                                                 | tsn-adm-core    
| SSH                                                 | tsn-juno        
| SSH                                                 | tsn-tsn2      

However, the desired output is one line per service name, so something

| SSH                                                 | mt-ns4,
tsn-adm-core, tsn-juno, tsn-tsn2 |

Can this be done w/o writing procedural code in mysql?

We are running ver5.


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