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From:Baron Schwartz Date:October 19 2007 11:37pm
Subject:Re: Slow Subquery
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Ryan Bates wrote:
> I'm trying to determine why a subquery is slower than running two 
> separate queries. I have a simple many-to-many association using 3 
> tables: projects, tags and projects_tags. Here's the query I'm using to 
> find the projects with a given tag:
> SELECT * FROM projects WHERE id IN (SELECT projects_tags.project_id FROM 
> tags, projects_tags WHERE'foo' AND 
> (0.36 sec)

As another poster said, this kind of subquery runs slowly, but just to 
elaborate on it: it's not every subquery that's a problem, just IN() and 
NOT IN().  Use EXPLAIN EXTENDED followed by SHOW WARNINGS to see what's 

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