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From:Martijn Tonies Date:October 10 2007 5:15pm
Subject:Re: Query not returning Data
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> Sorry about double post, I am having problems with my ISP.
> I have the following query:
> FROM Sight_Hearing_Help
> WHERE 'type_help' = "Eye Exam & Glasses"
> AND 'board_action_date' BETWEEN "07-01-2007" AND "12-31-2007"
> LIMIT 0 , 60;
> Returns empty row every time. The board_action_date is a varchar field.
> a date field. I have also tried using form 2007-07-01.
> Additional information:
> SUSE 10.2, MySQL 5.0.26-14
> Any help would be appreciated!

It could be me, but aren't you compareing a string to a string?

'type_help' (with normal single quotes) is a string value.

"Eye Exam & Glasses" can be a string value as well in MySQL, although you
should always use single quotes.

Oh, and a reminder: to solve your strange date-format problems, just store a
date in a DATE-type column.

Martijn Tonies
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