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From:Dan Nelson Date:October 8 2007 4:46pm
Subject:Re: SAN and ibdata files
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In the last episode (Oct 08), Ace said:
> On 10/7/07, Dan Nelson <dnelson@stripped> wrote:
> > In the last episode (Oct 06), Ace said:
> > > You all know the size problems with ibdata and log files. We plan
> > > to move those files to SAN to have maximum storage possible. We
> > > did so with configuration changes in my.cnf files to save log and
> > > ibdata files on SAN location. But got following error -
> > >
> > > InnoDB: Unable to lock /opsolnfs/mysql/ibdata1, error: 13
> > > InnoDB: Check that you do not already have another mysqld process
> > > InnoDB: using the same InnoDB data or log files.
> > >
> > > Any concrete steps to overcome this problem? Your input will add
> > > value in solving our problem.
> >
> > $ perror 13
> > OS error code  13:  Permission denied
> >
> > Check permissions on your data directory.
> Thanks Dan! We do know the permission problem. We tried chown but got
> "Not a owner" error. That is because of "root squashing" in which
> root becomes "nobody" when you cd to NFS directory.
>     To overcome this we tried adding "no_root_squash" to export file.
> but still the error.
> I will overcome this somehow.....but my Biggest worry now is - can I
> configure Mysql to use SAN location? if not, why?

That looks like NAS (Network Attached Storage - connecting to a remote
server's exported filesystems using NFS, SMB, etc), not SAN (Storage
Area Network - connecting to remote disk arrays using fibre-channel).

no_root_squash is a Linux NFS server option.  Your nfs mountpoint is
/opsolnfs/, so I guess you're running OpenSolaris?  You'll want to use
the root=access_list option (see the share_nfs manpage for syntax and

Other options: 1) log directly into your NAS server as root and chown
the files directly.  2) delete the files you created and re-copy them,
making sure you copy them as the mysql user itself so the files get the
right ownership when they are created.

	Dan Nelson
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