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From:Baron Schwartz Date:September 28 2007 4:59pm
Subject:Re: Count syntax
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Beauford wrote:
> Hi,
> I have the following line of code and I keep getting wrong results from it.
> Can someone let me know what I'm doing wrong here. I just can't quite figure
> out the syntax that I need.
> select count(*) as numrows, count(supportertype) as leadcar from registrar
> where supportertype = 'L';
> What I want to do is count the total number of records and then the total
> number of records that have "L" as the supportertype and then display them.
> So I should have something like "There are 100 total records and 22 with
> Supporter Type L".

Try this:

SELECT COUNT(*), SUM(IF(supportertype = 'L', 1, 0)) FROM registrar;

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