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From:chombee Date:September 17 2007 3:28pm
Subject:Generating reports/exporting data?
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Can anyone recommend an easy, free way to generate reports from a MySQL
database in a nicely readable form? e.g. in plain text, HTML, PDF, or
even visualised in the form of graphs and charts.

For example, if I have constructed several queries and want to run them
and export all of their results to a file. Or I have a query that runs
over one row of a table by specifying a specific primary key value in
the query and I want to run it on each row of the table by incrementing
the primary key and then compute totals and averages on the results. In
general I want to be able to run lots of queries, do simple calculations
on their results, and display all these results alongside each other in
one file.

I'm aware that the mysql client can run in batch mode and has HTML and
XML output options, but this is a little too simple for what I want.

Currently I'm using Python's MySQLdb module and rolling my own scripts,
but I was hoping there would be something a little faster. I started
writing Python scripts to take user input from the keyboard and pass it
to mysql, but then I discovered mysqlimport which was much quicker, so
I'm hoping something similar exists for outputting reports.


Generating reports/exporting data?chombee17 Sep
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