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From:Steve Edberg Date:September 14 2007 6:18pm
Subject:Re: trouble selecting DB
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At 12:26 PM -0400 9/14/07, Martin Gainty wrote:
>Morning All-
>I connect to Mysql 4.0.13 using mysql_connect AND returned handle is not false
>then I call access to mysql_select_db which always returns NULL and 
>causes Exception
>I also tried mysql_connect with supplied 4th param as DB with no joy
>The DB name is uppercase..does this matter?

It appears that you are using PHP, but I don't think that's relevant here.

Case sensitivity is a bit complex - see

- but it's generally best to match case, for portability if nothing 
else. It could well be your problem if you are referring to the 
database 'FooBar' as 'FOOBAR' and MySQL is running on a *nix platform.


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