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From:Barry Date:April 20 1999 12:34am
Subject:Re: constant database corruption
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Hello All,

I noticed this post a few days ago.

Does the "software vendor" who wrote this article have any basis for saying
this? Did he present any facts?

Is the article available on the net? Where was it written?

Thanks, I have not been able to locate it via net searches.

>Hey, now.  Monty, you simply cannot make statements like that.
>Remember, support for MySQL is non-existent! :-)
>For those who don't know what I'm referring to, this claim was
>issued by a software vendor recently:
>>> Yes, there are free (unsupported) SQL and scripting environments for Unix,
>>> for example, MySQL for the database and php for scripting, but although
>>> they are good for small development projects, no company on the market
>>> develops their professional systems using these tools.  MySQL is still
>>> quite buggy, and support is essentially non-existent.  If we were to opt
>Paul DuBois, paul@stripped
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