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From:Martijn Tonies Date:September 5 2007 4:00pm
Subject:Re: Left join problem
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> two tables gi_t and gi
> gi_t holds 5 records. gi holds ca. 1500.
> I need all from gi for each in gi_t ie LEFT JOIN!!!
> but this:
> SELECT AS id, overskrift,gidata FROM gi_t LEFT JOIN gi ON  
> WHERE bladref=137
> gives the same as
> SELECT AS id, overskrift,gidata FROM gi_t ,gi WHERE  
> AND bladref=137
> I want 5 records (3 ok, and 2 NULL) and I get 3. the 3 that has a  
> relation in gi

Where does "bladref" come from? As soon as you use
multiple tables in your query, it's good practice to prefix
each column with the table (or alias) it comes from.

Can you give the table metadata and sample data for
your rows?

Martijn Tonies
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