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From:Baron Schwartz Date:September 5 2007 1:30am
Subject:Re: Editing fields in bulk
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Brian Dunning wrote:
> I have a column where I need to replace all instances of the text 
> "US-Complete" (contained within a long sentence) with "US Complete". 
> There are probably 50 or 100 of them. I'm really scared to do it since I 
> can't risk screwing up that column - what's the correct syntax?

UPDATE tbl SET col=REPLACE(col, 'US-Complete', 'US Complete');

If there are spaces in front and back, perhaps you should add some extra 
insurance to avoid changing 'US-Completely' or 'BUS-Complete' as well:

UPDATE tbl SET col=REPLACE(col, ' US-Complete ', ' US Complete ');

The best insurance is to do a SELECT first to see what will be changed:

SELECT col, REPLACE(col, 'US-Complete', 'US Complete') FROM tbl;

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