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From:Mark Schoonover Date:August 24 2007 4:01pm
Subject:Re: Seriously Disruptive DBA
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On 8/24/07, Jonathan G. Lampe <jonathan.lampe@stripped> wrote:
> Hello,
>    Here's 4 easy steps that show how you too can be a "Seriously
> Disruptive" DBA:
> 1) Sign on to MySQL as "root"
> 2) Perform a "show databases;"
> 3) For each entry you see, issue a "drop database X;" command
> 4) Sign out and disavow any knowledge of your actions
> At 03:22 PM 8/23/2007, james benjamin wrote:
> >We are, like, totally down with recruiting a "Seriously Disruptive" MySQL
> DBA.
> >...hardcore MySQL DBA with contributions to the code base...
> Now seriously...I was a bit confused here: many MySQL "DBAs"
> (certainly the ones chasing the MySQL certificates) just want to
> master the latest production-rated edition of MySQL; they aren't
> really interested in coding.  In fact, I was a bit surprised to see
> that there was no mention of the MySQL cert program in Mr. Benjamin's
> advertisement looking for a "MySQL DBA" - wouldn't that pool of
> certified MySQL DBAs seem like a better place to start?


> - Jonathan Lampe
> - Standard Networks, Inc.
> -
> - jonathan.lampe@stripped

I don't think a blanket description of MySQL DBAs works in all cases. I for
one, am a CMDBA, and interested in coding. I code more client software than
contributing to the MySQL codebase. I don't know if that classifies me as
"Seriously Disruptive DBA" or not. I think having both skills as an asset
any company can take advantage of. I guess it all depends on what you
believe, being more general or specific in a set of skills.

I see contributing to the code base leaning towards being a software
engineer instead of a DBA. A software engineer can learn to be a DBA, but
I'm not exactly sure if the reverse is true.

Just my $.02USD.

Mark Schoonover, CMDBA
Cell: 619-368-0099

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