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From:Reinhardt Christiansen Date:August 24 2007 5:16am
Subject:Re: where column
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Subject: where column

> hello
> does anyone know what is returned when you do a where column without
> further parameters?
> for integer columns it seems to return non-zero columns, but for other
> types of columns the results seemed unpredictable.
In my opinion, the statement should not execute at all since it isn't 
syntactically correct. In the dialects of SQL I have used - and I've been 
using SQL for a lot of years - simply saying "WHERE hiredate" (or whatever 
column name you want) is an incomplete statement since the column name must 
be followed by some kind of operator, such as =, <, >, LIKE, or whatever.

Despite that, I am not up-to-date on MySQL and they may support an extension 
that lets you write SQL like that; in that case, the MySQL manual for your 
version should make it clear what happens if you write that.

But I still think it should not execute at all. The WHERE clause is a filter 
to prevent rows that don't satisfy the condition from appearing in your 
result set; "WHERE columnname" is not a complete condition in my opinion so 
it simply should execute.


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