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From:Rolando Edwards \(DBA\) Date:August 22 2007 3:37pm
Subject:Re: MySql priority
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You may want to consider tuning the 'his-priority' server instance by giving it larger 
  values for the following:

Ben Clewett <ben@stripped> wrote:
  Sorry if this has been asked many times before...

I have 5 MySql systems running on a single server.

I want one to run with maximum priority, the other four to run with minimum.

Can this me archived using something as simple as 'nice':

# nice -10 mysqld --defaults-file=his_priorty
# nice 10 mysqld --defaults-file=low_priorty_1
# nice 10 mysqld --defaults-file=low_priorty_2
# nice 10 mysqld --defaults-file=low_priorty_3
# nice 10 mysqld --defaults-file=low_priorty_4

Or is there a better way that people use?

Thanks in advance...


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