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From:Michael Widenius Date:April 19 1999 9:18pm
Subject:Re: new MySQL client
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>>>>> "Petter" == Petter Nilsen <pettern@stripped> writes:

Petter> On Mon, 19 Apr 1999, Michael Widenius wrote:

>> I will soon update the mysql++ distribution with this fix.

Petter> The precompiled binary for Linux just dumps core here, and a backtrace
Petter> doesn't show anything (no debug info).  I dumps core no matter what I do
Petter> or write on the command line.   Ideas?  I use Redhat 5.2, no updates
Petter> applied yet.

Petter> - Petter


I decided to check this once more and it appears that something went
wrong when I copied this to our web server :(

I have now updated sql_client at (I
also renamed the new file to 99a to avoid confusion); I hope this
works better!


PS: Until the mirrors gets updated, you can access this at:
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