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From:Dan Nelson Date:August 1 2007 3:48pm
Subject:Re: how to use all system RAM for myisam db?
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In the last episode (Aug 01), Christian Parpart said:
> we've a 16GB RAM host. one is configured to use InnoDB, where we can
> quite easily configure the amount of RAM to be used. but the other
> mashine is said to be configured using myisam, but we cannot really
> tweak it to use all of the 16GB of RAM the server has. there are - of
> course - quite alot buffer sizes regarding myisam that can be
> configured. and we already increased some of them. but noone makes
> really use of the whole system ram the host provides. So, does anyone
> know a good poiint on how to exhaust the whole RAM (read as: as much
> as possible) for the myisam based DB?

MySQL relies on the OS's filesystem cache to cache MyISAM table data,
so it's already being done.  The reason for InnoDB's separate cache is
because you can specify raw disk partitions as InnoDB tablespaces,
which bypasses any OS-level caching.

	Dan Nelson
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