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From:Craig \(OFT\) Weston Date:July 31 2007 12:41pm
Subject:[MYSQL]networkdays and business hours
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Hi there, 
I am trying to compute "cycle time" between two dates in mysql. This is
a measurement of business hours between two datetimes, in hours. In
Excel, I can use the  "networkdays" function to get partway there. What
I am trying to calculate is:

# hours between start time and resolved time, excluding weekend days,
non business hours (business hours are 0700 to 16:00) and holidays. I
have a list of holidays

Based on some of the queries I have looked at in I have so far
an equation that will take into account the weekends, I think:

@dow1 := DAYOFWEEK('d1') AS dow1,
  @dow2 := DAYOFWEEK('d2') AS dow2,
  @days := DATEDIFF('d2','d1') AS Days,
  @wknddays := 2 * FLOOR( @days / 7 ), 
if(@dow1 = 1 AND @dow2 > 1, 1,if(@dow1 = 7 AND @dow2 = 1, 1,if(@dow1 > 1
AND @dow1 > @dow2, 2,if(@dow1 < 7 AND @dow2 = 7, 1, 0))))  AS WkndDays,
  @days - @wkndDays AS BizDays

At least this is close to the original as posted over at artful. I need
the number in hours instead of days however so I am exploring with
TIMEDIFF instead of datediff. 

For further background, here is the equation in Excel:


Note that the Excel equation takes into account conditions I haven't
mentioned above,specifically if data doesn't exist, and if the site name
is listed on a "critical site" list and thus gets 24 hour support.

Does anyone have any ideas to further this quest?
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