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From:nigel wood Date:July 31 2007 12:17pm
Subject:Dazed & confused. Less is more?
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A puzzler for you guys...... all plausible explanations (and suggestions 
for proving them) gratefully received.

We run several MySQL database servers in the traditional master-slave 
configuration and attempt (rather poorly) to spread select queries 
between them. Normally the slave gets 1/3 of the master load.  Both 
machines have identical configurations, hardware specifications and 
network connectivity. The main clients of these databases are PHP 
websites without persistent connections. A fail-over pair of machines in 
a separate building replicates from the master.

Today (as a result of replication failure) we directed all the traffic 
normally sent to the reporting server back to the master server adding a 
1/3 to its load. Several areas of the websites got FASTER afterwards and 
I'm currenlty at a loss to explain why.

Nigel Wood
Dazed & confused. Less is more?nigel wood31 Jul
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