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From:Ananda Kumar Date:July 26 2007 6:51am
Subject:Re: seeding a slave from a slave
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Hi Ofer,
Is it necessary to stop the slave before doing the mysql dump.
If we use --single-transaction option in mysqldump should provide consistent

or stop slave
note the slave status info.
start slave
start mysqldump.


On 7/26/07, Ofer Inbar <cos@stripped> wrote:
> "Ian P. Christian" <pookey@stripped> wrote:
> > How do I create a mysql data dump from a slave to seed another slave?
> > Using --master-data with mysqldump from my existing slave sets the
> > master to the slave I was dumping, not the real master.
> I started a discussion of the same thing a week or two ago on this
> list, if you search the archives (or just google, I bet) you'll see
> more detail.
> The quick answer is you can't do it if the slave is in use and needs
> to keep replicating.  You need to stop replicating, copy down the
> slave's master info (you can see it in show slave status), run the
> dump while replication is stopped, then start it again.
> (Read the earlier thread if you want more detail)
> -- Cos
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