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From:Dan Nelson Date:December 10 1999 4:16pm
Subject:Re: Performance
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In the last episode (Dec 10), Leif.P.Martensson@stripped said:
> Hi
> I'm looking for a really fast database for both inserting records and
> fetching records. My hope was that MySQL was that database. Then I saw
> the comparision below
> Why is it that the querys work so slow on MySQL ?

For the "Database Performance Comparison - Data Warehouse" test, maybe
the tables weren't analyzed?

For the "Database Performance Comparison - Online" test, Mysql clearly
beats everything else.  "Mysql demonstrates the overhead associated
with multiple versioning and transactions. It was obviously the fastest
raw speed terms. It was in general 4-5 times faster than anything
> :-) Leif

Or was this a humorous post that I fell for?

	Dan Nelson
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