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From:Mogens Melander Date:July 24 2007 3:48am
Subject:Re: su-like functionality
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Ok, if memory serves me right, phpmyadmin use the credentials
from mysql's grant/deny schema. So when loggin into PMA, you
will have the priveleges on the server that was granted to that
user. When installing/configuring PMA, it will insist on getting
a root/privilleged users login/password to use for creating new
databases/users ao. Not having the root/superuser's access will
keep you from manipulating other users DB/tables.

There is no way that you can simulate being "another user" like
log in as "A" and change to "B". You have to GRANT "A" priveleges
to "B"'s databases, to do stuff on them.

It's probably too late for me to make sense, so i leave it here for now.

On Tue, July 24, 2007 04:54, Carlo Sogono wrote:
> Mogens Melander wrote:
>> On Mon, July 23, 2007 10:19, Carlo Sogono wrote:
>>> Is there a way for mysql to login as an administrator and "su" to a
>>> normal user?
>>> What I'd like to achieve is a way to log in to our clients' accounts (we
>>> are a web-hosting company) without having to use their passwords. Having
>>> to su keeps ownerships and stuff like that in check.
>>> Thanks in advance,
>>> Carlo
>> ??? I'm having a hard time imagine what you want to do with that ???
>> You, being the administrator (root), you should be able to do whatever,
>> on any DB on your server, without being recognzied as anybody.
>> Please elaborate.
> Well first of all I'm a software developer so I do not know much about
> administering the database, and even as a programmer I know only general
> SQL commands and am not familiar with mysql-specific details.
> We're implementing the Single Sign-On feature of phpMyAdmin. Our control
> panel software logging our clients automatically into PMA by populating
> the PMA session with their login credentials...however this would mean
> that we have to store and retrieve their passwords (not ideal!). If I
> used an administrator's password, then they would be able to see and
> edit via PMA all the other databases in the system. Having an su-like
> feature allows us to login to their account using their own username
> without having to keep their passwords.
> Hope that was clear. Other suggestions on getting around this problem is
> also welcome.
> Regards,
> Carlo
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