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From:Olaf Stein Date:July 23 2007 5:04pm
Subject:Re: su-like functionality
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That does not work ...
Ownership should not be an issue as all files should belong to the mysql
user anyway
Just create a second user for the individual databases (you could also just
create one account that can do everything, though I do not recommend that)
with more rights and use that account for administrative work


On 7/23/07 4:19 AM, "Carlo Sogono" <carlo.sogono@stripped> wrote:

> Is there a way for mysql to login as an administrator and "su" to a
> normal user?
> What I'd like to achieve is a way to log in to our clients' accounts (we
> are a web-hosting company) without having to use their passwords. Having
> to su keeps ownerships and stuff like that in check.
> Thanks in advance,
> Carlo

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