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From:Baron Schwartz Date:July 14 2007 10:40pm
Subject:Re: Hanging Database
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> First up, the sites were working fine until the old server went buggy. I hadn't
> worked on either of the shopping carts, so they should have been fine when I transfered
> them over. No, I'm confident there is nothing wrong with my code, etc. I suspect it has
> something to do with copying over the database, which was strange. Certain databases
> didn't copy over for some reason, and I had to install them manually. Plus, the
> permissions database (whichever that is, forgive my ignorance) didn't copy and I just
> recreated it (that is, created the correct user gave the permissions to the proper
> databases). Now, here's the output from mytop:
>     2 mysqluser       localhost mrtableclo         0  Sleep
>       14      root       localhost       test         0  Query show full processlist
>        4 mysqluser       localhost mrtableclo      6154  Sleep
>        3 mysqluser       localhost mrtableclo      9210  Sleep
>   So, apparently it's asleep. How do I wake it up ;)

'Sleep' means the connection is idle, waiting for a query.  You have a 
connection that has been idle, waiting for a query, for 9210 seconds -- that's 
about 2:30:00.  Is your website running a query and then getting into an 
infinite loop on the result, or do you expect a connection to be held open this 
long due to connection pooling or for some other reason?  If your application 
closes its connections after rendering the page, you shouldn't be seeing that 
unless there's a connection pool.  You also have a connection that just finished 
a query and has been idle for 0 seconds.  That may or may not mean anything... 
you know the code.  But it doesn't look like anything is wrong with MySQL, so 
you're probably on the wrong list and need to address it with Zope or whoever 
else is responsible (sorry, I don't know much about the technologies you're using).

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