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From:Steve Edberg Date:July 12 2007 7:15am
Subject:Re: i know your name
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At 8:37 AM +0200 7/12/07, Olav Mørkrid wrote:
>say you want to keep track of who knows whose name at a party, storing
>one table row per instance explodes into n*(n-1) rows (a million rows
>for thousand people).
>a) can mysql cope with this, and it's more a question of storage and
>processing power?
>or b) does such a table spell certain doom for a database? if so, how
>does one solve this problem efficiently?

Well, one would assume not everyone knows everyone else. So you have 
a People table (1,000 records in your example) and a Friends table 
that looks something like

both of which are foreign keys pointing to the People table (which 
would normally have an autoincremented primary key). Perhaps you 
could include a 'quality of friendship' column as well. Even if you 
had a party of 1,000 people where everyone knew everyone, a table of 
1 million records is pretty reasonable. It all depends on your query 
& index design (make friends with the EXPLAIN command). If you go 
through the mailing list archives, you'll find numerous people with 
multiple tables with billions of records.


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