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From:Brent Baisley Date:July 8 2007 12:48pm
Subject:Re: Full Text Search, Storage Engine Types
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a) You setup a special index (full text).

b) Full text indexes can only be created on MyISAM table types.

c) MyISAM does support transactions, it works by table locking. If  
you are not specifically using transactions, you don't need to worry  
about it. "not transaction safe" just means that there is no  
mechanism for rolling back actions if a series of dependent actions  
don't get completed.

On Jul 7, 2007, at 5:47 PM, David T. Ashley wrote:

> I'm sending this again, because the server seems to have been down for
> several hours, and I'm not sure if it went out.
> ---------
> I'd like to do full text search on some fields of some tables, but  
> I'm a bit
> confused by the documentation.  Questions:
> a)How do I set that up (i.e. do I need to use a specific storage  
> engine for
> a table)?
> b)What storage engine(s) are required?
> c)Are there any restrictions on "mixing and matching" tables that use
> different storage engines in the same database?
> d)Do table locking and transactions work the same (for example,  
> some of the
> storage engines are described as "not transaction safe"--unclear  
> what this
> means)?
> Thanks.

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