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From:Octavian Rasnita Date:July 6 2007 8:37pm
Subject:Re: off-topic unsubscribe concern
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There are just spam messages.

The spam robots probably found some messages from the list somewhere and our 
addresses, and it put all the addresses in its database.
Then, as usually, it sends spam messages to all addresses, using another 
address from the same message as the source address. This way it sent an 
email to the address for unsubscribing from the list using our addresses as 
a source address. So we receive a confirmation for unsubscribing.

So it is no problem.


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Subject: Re: off-topic unsubscribe concern

>I have been having the same problems. Have no idea what is up.
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> Subject: off-topic unsubscribe concern
> Hi everyone.
> I have been on this list for a pretty long time but in the last few
> months I have started to receive random 'confirm unsubscribe'
> messages.. They always seem to originate from a Roadrunner IP (I
> have not thoroughly tested that hypothesis). I have no accounts on or
> near roadrunner, so I doubt I am inadvertantly kicking these off,
> which was my first theory.
> Is anyone else suffering from this or is it just me?
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