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From:Mogens Melander Date:July 2 2007 7:44pm
Subject:Re: database structure
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On Mon, July 2, 2007 21:10, Hiep Nguyen wrote:
> take your advice, i looked in to JOIN and i got the idea.  but i noticed
> that in order to use JOIN, don't you need to have the same column name in
> both tables?  i just don't see it in your example here.  is there
> something that i'm missing?

Using the form:

select t1.field1 data1, t2.field1 data2, t3.fieldn data3
from table_a t1
left join table_b t2 on ( )
left join table_n t3 on ( );

You can join on allmost anything.

?? Can typecasts be used in this scenario ??

> can u give a select example with JOIN on three tables above?


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