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From:Sasha Pachev Date:April 19 1999 6:46pm
Subject:Re: changing directories?
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Bil Skirvin wrote:
> I can't figure out how to move mysql to another folder and have it point to
> database files in our users directories.  Could I please get some help.
> Thanks, Bil

The base directory is specified with -b switch of
mysqld. Another thing you can do is use symbolic links
from the data directory. However, I do not see a need to
either change the default location of mysql directories
or create symbolic links just to have multiple users.
The design of mysql allows you to have multiple users
through MySQL privilige system, which should be
sufficient. The user does not need to have access to the
actual mysql files. All you need to do is give each user
a set of priviliges using mysql.

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