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From:Lucio Chiappetti Date:June 18 2007 2:31pm
Subject:echoing comments in mysql (changed 4.0 to 5.0 ?)
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I have a number of database administration shell scripts which construct 
into a temp file sequences of mysql commands AND comments (in a specific 
custom format with @log-xxx@ codes) like these

/* @log-action@ DATE UPDATE of all correlations for table NAME */
  select concat(now(),' UPDATING ALL CORRELATION TABLES FOR TABLE $1 ' );
/* @log-check@ (re)create entries in Korrelations */
  create temporary table temp 
   select * from Korrelations where Tab1='$pbda' ;    

Then I submit such files to mysql with e.g.

mysql -vvv -u lssadmin -p`keylssadmin` xmmlssadmin < tmp.sql >! pre.log

Finally I reprocess pre.log which an awk scripts which interprets the 
specially formatted comments (which are echoed in the log) to reformat the 
log in HTML in a specific way

This has nicely worked since mysql 3.23, and currently with 4.0.21

I tried the same on a newer mysql 5.0.27, and with my surprise found that 
the comments are no longer echoed on stdout !

This demonstrates the case

mysql -vvv -u $user -p$password $dbase << END
? /* this is a comment */
? select now();

on 4.0 I get as stdout

/* this is a comment */
select now()

| now()               |
| 2007-06-18 16:14:32 |
1 row in set (0.01 sec)


but on 5.0 the first comment line is NOT echoed !

Is there a command line switch to repristinate the echo of comments in 5.0 
as well ? All our logging policy depends on that !

Lucio Chiappetti - INAF/IASF - via Bassini 15 - I-20133 Milano (Italy)
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echoing comments in mysql (changed 4.0 to 5.0 ?)Lucio Chiappetti18 Jun