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From:Jerry Preeper Date:December 9 1999 8:14pm
Subject:Re: parse error - message repeated 140,000 times, please help
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The big part of my problem right now is that the error gives no reference
to the script that creates the error, nor does it give a pid or time.
That's the most frustrating part.  I'm now reasonably certain I know which
program that is causing the error by tracking the approximate times through
the server log and looking for any accesses to cgi programs that use the
mysql database and there only seems to be one program that matches up.  Now
I have to track exactly which part of the program is being used at the time
it happens to be able to figure out which sql statement is the culprit...
Unfortunately the program that I think is causing the error is over 4,000
lines of code with a variety of functions for managing all my online news
stories.  I thought it was the part that submitted the stories into the
database, but I can't seem to recreate the error even by resubmitting the
same exact stories that appeared to have been submitted around the time the
error occurred.  I'm just losing my mind trying to figure out where else to
look and my error logs are now about twice the size of my access logs.  I
have already dropped the -w option from the script, but that hasn't stopped
the errors.

>> DBD::mysql::st execute failed: parse error near ''8954643' at line 1 at
>> /usr/local/lib/perl5/site_perl/ line 172.
>Post your $dbh->prepare statement.  The problem is likely found there.
>> I have been trying to search the listquest archive, but I get javascript
>> errors using Netscape which seems to drop the list name from the search
>> (NN3) with something about removespaces is not defined and in IE3 I get a
>> premature end of script headers internal server error... So much for
>> backwards compatability... (I'll email them later)
>Yeah, Javascript has undergone some changes since the stone ages...  ;-)
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parse error - message repeated 140,000 times, please helpJerry Preeper8 Dec
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