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From:Dan Nelson Date:June 15 2007 3:44pm
Subject:Re: Innodb tablespace
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In the last episode (Jun 15), Ben Clewett said:
>  > Are there any reasons why one would NOT use separate ibd files for
>  > each table
>  Fragmentation for one.
>  A single file can re-use empty space from deleted rows for any added
>  rows.  A single file can only re-use space from that one file.
>  Therefore the sum table size will be larger with many files. 
>  Depending on how much data you regularly delete.

I would claim that the file-per-table method reduces fragmentation and
overall tablepsace size as compared to the tablespace method:
OPTIMIZE'ing a file-per-table table recreates that .ibd file and
removes all the empty space. To do that with the single tablespace
setup, you would have to dump all tables, delete your tablespace file,
and reload.

	Dan Nelson
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