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From:Baron Schwartz Date:June 7 2007 1:06am
Subject:Re: explain
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Hola Ricardo,

Ricardo Conrado Serafim wrote:
> Hi group,
> Someone can answer me if when I execute the "explain" in a select 
> statement, the select is executed to get the parameters or this 
> information came from other place? In other words, the explain covers 
> the table and indexes or it calculate based on numbers of rows, etc.

When you run EXPLAIN it asks the MySQL server to parse and validate the query. 
MySQL then builds a tree that represents the execution plan.  It tries many 
plans until it finds what it thinks is the best plan.  EXPLAIN is directly 
generated from this plan.

The query is not executed, but the query optimizer uses table statistics to help 
it find what it thinks will be the least expensive query plan.  It maintains 
statistics about tables and indexes, and can sometimes answer some questions 
like "what is the maximum value in this index" during the optimization phase.

The only case I know where EXPLAIN actually executes a query is if you have a 
subquery in the FROM clause, like this:

select ...
from (
	select ...

The optimizer has to execute the inner query and put it into a temporary table 
to build the rest of the query.

I hope this helps.

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