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From:dpgirago Date:June 6 2007 6:12pm
Subject:Restoring Large Tables Created with --extended-insert in mysqldump
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Using mysqldump and mysql (Distribution 5.0.22) on CentOS:

[?]  Is it theoretically possible to create a mysqldump file using the 
default --opt option (i.e., with extended-inserts...) that would create 
packet sizes so large that the restore of the backup would fail because 
max_allowed_packet would be exceeded?

I found the maximum value I could set "net_buffer_length" to was 1M on 
mysql but it was 16M on mysqldump.
The manual page for mysqldump says:

The maximum size of the buffer for client/server communication. The 
maximum is 1GB. 
The initial size of the buffer for client/server communication. When 
creating multiple-row-insert statements (as with option --extended-insert or --opt),
mysqldump creates rows up to net_buffer_length length. If you increase this variable, you
should also ensure that the net_buffer_length variable in the MySQL server is at least
this large.

Restoring Large Tables Created with --extended-insert in mysqldumpdpgirago6 Jun