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From:Joerg Bruehe Date:June 5 2007 7:12am
Subject:Re: Data migration Verification
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Hi !

paulizaz wrote:
> What do you mean by "same output" ?
> I have too much data to go through and check if all the data is the same.
> This is my problem. Sampling would speed this up, but I need something more
> accurate.
> All data is important.

In Unix / Linux, you would generate similar plain-text output before and 
after the migration ("select *" to file, any report, ...) and then 
compare them, typically using "diff".
If the format differs on intention (more/fewer columns, sequence of 
columns, ...), you would include "sed" or some other filter to align the 
As a last resort, you would write some small script (Perl, shell, ...) 
to compare them.

For me, it is a very common task to take the output of two different 
versions of something (a build log, a trace from a run, the log of a 
backup run, ...) and compare them via such a tool chain.

As you mentioned C#, I take it you are on Windows - pick your equivalent 


Joerg Bruehe, Senior Production Engineer
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