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From:Sergey Ivanov Date:May 31 2007 6:46pm
Subject:MySQL improvement offer. "Sand-box"
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It is not actually bug, but some improvement I'd like to offer.

I have some site on a shared UNIX-hosting, so that's why I have user account with no FILE
privilege, so I can't use LOAD DATA INFILE even if this file is in my home (for my site)
directory. But it seems to me quite strange.

So, it seems to be logical, if user could have some "sand-box" - a directory or set of
directories, where he can use SELECT ... INTO OUTFILE and LOAD DATA INFILE even if he has
no FILE privilege. Possibly it can be realized as additional table in "mysql" DB. By
default - no directories, for example.

May be this function is already realized or it has any principal troubles with
realization, but I hope to recieve answer, whether this idea can be realized or not and
can offer all needed cooperation.

Sergey Ivanov
MySQL improvement offer. "Sand-box"Sergey Ivanov31 May