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From:Baron Schwartz Date:May 30 2007 12:51pm
Subject:Re: Does mysql support groups?
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Hi Chris,

Chris Hoover wrote:
> Does Mysql support groups of users?  I am working on porting an application
> from Sybase to Mysql and it relies heavily on using groups to control 
> access
> to the data.  I am not seeing this mentioned in Mysql, but I might be
> overlooking something.  So does it support groups?

No, just straightforward user accounts with individual GRANT and REVOKE.  I too miss 
groups/roles, alas.

If it helps, the way I tend to manage it is just assign everyone to the same user 
account, and name it as though it's a group -- e.g. "analyst," "developer," "intern," 
and so forth.  I know that's not the same thing and has obvious limitations, but for my 
purposes it's easier than having to maintain many accounts.

If anyone has nifty ways to do interesting stuff with user accounts, I'd love to hear 
about them!


Baron Schwartz
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